Change of plans…again!


My decison making isnt too great, can never make my mind up and something one day could be different the next :P

This is DDO related, im not the type to blog about my life, well not yet anyway lol

Anywho, if anyone read my latest ramble’s i was going on about what character i was gonna play/TR etc, ive had this problem before where i’ll be looking at wiki or forums and think thats my next life, then i’ll read something else and it will put me off the build or another one sounds better :)

Ofc that isnt too bad and im sure others do it but it may go a step further and you could collect some gear for a certain build then change your mind and that time or mats for crafting has gone to waste

I had leveled my new 1st life bard to 20, was planning to get some GS, maybe some epic stuff then get my tokens and TR into Bard again with a different class split, i put my arty on to look in banks and though its a shame im not using this guy, he has a few PL’s some good gear and hes just sitting here, so that got me thinking, if i TR the bard the arty will most likely continue to sit there but if i TR the arty, while i level him i can still try and get gear for the bard, plus the bard is gonna want some destinys.

I want the arty to try something different, something ive not tried is a caster druid, now this guy is my WF guy but for druid and the shapeshifting i dont the there is much point in WF, so cant use my blue drag docent :( but for now im not concerned with that as i have a plan i need to execute first :)

He has a Sorc PL and Wiz PL, i will use the LR20 to go from arty to sorc, then TR to sorc so after i get him back to 20 and tr to druid will have 3sorc 1wiz PL should be nice for the druid spells

Now that was my thinking Yday, who knows maybe it will be different tomorrow :P

Thanks for reading

oh and sorry if you cant understand what im going on about, as you can see im not a great writer and just type what pops into my head, hopefully it makes some sense :)

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8 thoughts on “Change of plans…again!

  1. i LR’ed a wizard from pale master into caster druid & while the spellpower, playstyle etc. is great, the fact that he’s warforged really hurts – not so much the self healing (since he’s in elemental form anyway) but being limited to composite body with docent really cuts into his survivability, so i’ll probably be TRing him into a fleshling (maybe half elf with storm dragonmark to boost lightning power) so i can wear something a bit more solid & protective – the capstone isn’t all that great so i expect i’ll splash a fighter level for heavy armour proficiency & wear some dragonscale plate.

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