Report since Xpac

Hey peeps, long time no see, well in the world of blog

Ofc DDO went down so that put an end to my gaming night so what do you do if you cant play DDO? you read and think DDO! :P

Anyway the new enhancements are here, and i like many others are fixing characters, before it hit my WF was my main guy, i went thru wiz then sorc and now artificer, never played arty before or ranged, i enjoyed it tho and when i hit epic i flagged for the raids, i ran a few citw’s, no needle :( and also did a few fot’s and got a flawless blue docent, i didnt spend alot of time with new enhancements, tried the archanotechnition tree, few quests then stopped……

Thats always been my problem, one day its my fav char the next it isnt, it wasnt because i didnt enjoy him, maybe i didnt wanna have to grind out web for a weapon which i have already done on a few other chars.

It happened after i put my paladin on, who was 18 with 2 monk, he was a tank and was sitting at cap while the WF tr’ed, i think he could still be decent but 18pal just seemed like a waste to me as you can get the last tier PrE for alot less now, i did wanna tr but will explain after why i didnt so just used the LR

I had plans to go into a TWF centered kensai, i couldnt go with original build idea, as i was lr’ing and could only add one more class, so i made a new build but then i changed up again lol, just so when i do TR i get the paladin PL, 9pal (for pl) 8fighter (kensai to make me centered with my nightmare :) 3monk (evasion, feats, and enhancements in shintao to improve earth stance) now this isnt some optimal build, my self healing isnt as good, have a few loh but main heal is cocoon, me and hire did few EH wheloon, did one EH storm horns which took awhile, still need to finish rest out there, soloed EE impossible demands, did EE guild run of eveningstar well and von3 without dying, so he doing fine atm, still need few more new items but i think he capable of running whatever i need to run :D

Why i didnt TR, i only like having one TR going at a time, on the 30% boost weekend i tr’ed my rog/bard who had been left for like 3months :(, i wanted to try a druid as i never played one, i got to lv6 but was getting bored, not bcus of druid but i was soloing and just wasnt having fun, guild then decided to try and get a static going, start with one night a week and if were on together can run other nights too, will leave the druid at lv6 and join when rest of guild get there, will be a slower TR but as he isnt a character ive been playing a great deal idm, will be alot more fun to level

Static is planned for this week, so just gotta wait, but usually alot of time is spent leveling but atm my others guys are epic, arty lv25 not been used in few weeks, not too sure what to do with him, planned on trying to gear him, guess he can wait there to i get round to it :P then the pal/fighter/monk is lv27, think i may wait til the TR changes before tr’ing, not really sure yet, dont really need citw and fot, do need to finish storm horns for some loot then i guess will just have to test myself in EEs

Other notes before this ends

We had guild meeting, me, leader and other officer and decided someone didnt fit the guild, so he was let go, we try and give new ppl a month, see what there like and then make a permanent decision

Stormhorns is a great area :)

Pugs can still be great or hate, had a mixed bag last few days

Prob shouldnt put this is but maybe it wont be seen anyway but people need to relax, its just a game, have fun! if you dont like how someone is acting, squelch, dont run with again, leave the group or if your leader remove them lol, lots of different types of ppl, not gonna get along with them all, dont like seeing friends fight/fallout, that is all!

Thanks for reading, take care :)

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