My first divine II

Like other myddo’ers ive decided to carry on trying to write a blog, i love reading what others have been up to and i can share my experiences to anyone who will listen :P

If you read my first divine part 1, i had got to lv16 and had lots of ups and downs, since then ive hit lv20 at the weekend and have some more things i would like to say

First, during an elite lords of dust, a sorc decided to run thru the trap and die, we had two trappers in group, he said “someones already died so we wont lose anymore xp” he rezzes at shrine and then runs and dies at the next trap ” look, i can die, it wont matter” something like that, im sure he could make it to shrine but i just picked his stone up anyway, then he starts going on about how a cleric took him to shrine, i tell him why would i waste my sp raising you when a shrine is round corner and you more or less dies on purpose, he goes “i wont use my sp to kill stuff then” i dont play DDO to argue with idiots so just left it there and carried on.

Decided to stay with that group for Servants, again bad experience, im still not comfortable playing a healer but anyway, a barbarian dies, which means he has no buffs, so why would you run off into a pack of fire reavers? im still trying to catch up and he dies, just dont get some people lol, we did finish but no way was i staying for spinner :)

The next day i did join a spinner group, now being a melee cleric im used to just meleeing and keeping my aura up, use bursts and throw a heal if needed but i was expected to stand in centre, while others were running about so they wasnt getting healed by aura and bursts and my sp pool is way too small to heal a whole group, especially in spinner where things can get hectic, we had to renter but got it done eventually.

Other things i did on my way to lv20, soloed elite coalchamber, took about 68mins but i was pleased with myself, did get invited to a RWTD, which was ok but again lots of damage and hard to keep up, did do that again with another group which was alot smoother, rest of vale went fine, i even held the light in rainbow one run but kept switching weapons to fight, did elite mindsunder chain which was decent, do hate those iq quests tho, takes me forever to kill on elite :), spent alot of the weekend solo farming, why? dont really know why i didnt try and pug, but i did alot of sane asylum, rwtd, lod, and the dreaming dark stuff, at lv16 also did litany, alot of them :)

One thing that made me laugh was a lv19, 18fvs/1monk with a lfm that read “No idiots, need a healer” even i can heal ppl im sure he could do the same.

Now im lv20 i need to improve my gear, alot of the stuff i have is lv23+ like the twisting shade bracers, shadow boots, so i gotta get moving, really need a epic level weapon, will be hard to get the raid weapons as i dont really think i’ll be doing a raid with him anytime soon, i am just a seal away from a antique greataxe, and i have the chained soldier one for lv24 but i really need something to help with my leveling now

Want to get a torc so i soloed heroic normal, didnt get one but 1 completion down, and atleast i know i can run it on my own whenever timer ends

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3 thoughts on “My first divine II

  1. :) Graz on 20. Oh, yes, some ppl are idiots. No point in arguing with them. Sometimes I’ve been so upset I’ve been shaking, but I still seldom leave a group ip. I’ve done it twice. Usually I feel enough of a commitment to the group to try and get through it anyway.

  2. 18fvs/1monk. Lol. Its amazing what some people try to get away with in builds. I have seen a large profileration of cleric12/xxxx builds and the LFMs are always BYOH. I jumped in on one with my fighter and at the end when I was carrying a bunch of soul stones to the shrine one guy askes how am I still alive as I have no heals. I just laughed and said a guardian angel watches over me. He’s like “fighters can heal?”. “Looks like it huh” and left it at that.

    Divines are lots of fun as I’m sure your discovering and a congratulations on hitting level 20. Now the real fun starts as you kick up your Epic Destiny :)

  3. Thanks guys :)

    Yeh i dont really quit a group think only time was inferno of the damned which i wrote about in my first divine I

    Haha, yeh i actually wanted him to send me a tell asking me to heal so i could hear why he couldnt :P
    I am having fun, still dont always feel comfortable in groups and raids, dont think i’ll be pugging those just yet

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