Hi all

Im sure most of you heard about the recent exploit and ban’s were being handed out

Im one of those who got a ban, for 14 days :(

yes i know, im naughty, yes i know, i shouldnt have done it, yes i know, i deserve punishment, i can still be upset though, i am upset with myself for doing it, was stupid really, ive never used the epic destiny stuff in heroic levels, not sure why i participated in this tbh, maybe just seeing a stack of heroic comms made me go “i gotta get me some of those”

Now i dont want to make myself look innocent, i dont think i deserve less punishment, i know i did wrong and thats why ive not been able to play for the last 6 nights but i could have done more, i could have got stacks and stacks of stuff, 999 comms i would have been set for life lol i mostly did challenge mats as im not too great at running those, apart from the mansion, also got quite a few tokens so my bag had a stack of 2.5k for some of the  challenge ing’s, again i could have easily kept doing it and trading in for items, thats how easy it was to do which i’ll get to in a second but i never did that, i actually threw away a bag of duped items the day after i had thought about what i had done, unlimited comms would mean raids would become pointless, i ofc didnt expect this would let me get away with it, i still participated and deserve to be banned

Now i first saw the AH on a Friday, stacks of dragonscales and GS ing’s, think it was the monday when a guildie found out how it was done, i was curious so tried it out and ofc was awesome at the time seeing a stack of something double, now here’s my problem, iirc the game went down for hotix on tuesday night for me, tue afternoon eastern time, thats like 5 days i know about the exploit being in game, it could have been going on longer, idk, but why didnt turbine do something sooner? The AH was flooded at the weekend and yet it still continued til tuesday. Maybe they didnt want to take the game down til they had a fix in place but by that time the damage was done, i think if they took it down as soon as the AH was flooded there wouldnt be nowhere near as many bans, once word got out how to do it wasnt just ppl buying off AH they could now do it for themselves, yeh if the game came down suddenly people would be angry, yeh they wouldnt have had store sales from maybe the busiest days but imo thats what should have been done, maybe they was enjoying their weekend and decided to wait til the next week started but posts were popping up on forums

Im just surprised they didnt notice or maybe they did but then im surprised they didnt act sooner. Should i be surprised though? the ED in heroic has been going on for ages, no update on if its getting fixed just not WAI, what about all the preffix/suffixes that are now gone, i could list lots of other problems but i dont need to do that, you can just look at the forums and see no end of things that are still broke but i guess its all about new content and the broken stuff can wait… and wait.. and wait which just annoys people, ive not been around long enough to know if things used to be different, only dev posts i see is regarding new releases just be cool if some other stuff was fixed or even explained so we know if they are WAI or not

So, 14 day ban, thats tough when the only game ive reallly been playing is DDO, they have said it could be longer, not sure what would cause that, i didnt sell anything on shard exchange, i didnt dupe as much as others did, they also said they was gonna go through peoples inventorys and as i found out yesterday mine looks like its already been done, in space of an hour a guildie told me that 4 of my chars had been logged in, not sure what to expect when i get back next week, if its the duped stuff then i can live with that as i shouldnt have it anyway but would be upset if other stuff is removed too

I did make an alt account but having a first life 28point, no gear pure f2p gimp isnt something i can be bothered with so decided i wont play him, had a chat with guildies and now gotta wait, i have tried playing other games but cant really get into anything, especially mmo wise as nothing feels like DDO and a week isnt alot of time to get used to it, have to try playing one of my console games, well its 8 more days, hopefully i make it :P

I have certainly learned my lesson though, i was wrong to do it from the start but maybe didnt think of the consequences, been playing for year and half and havent saw any mass bannings, if i could take it back i would, i know some people were willing to accept punishment for the items they got but i didnt see it that way and now they gonna remove the items it wasnt worth it anyway, hope anyone who reads this doesnt see me as a different person but if you do sorry to disappoint you, people make mistakes, some make lots of them but im not gonna get into stuff like that, your choice on what you decide to do and think of me :D

Think ive talked enough now, ty for reading, have a nice day

Change of plans…again!


My decison making isnt too great, can never make my mind up and something one day could be different the next :P

This is DDO related, im not the type to blog about my life, well not yet anyway lol

Anywho, if anyone read my latest ramble’s i was going on about what character i was gonna play/TR etc, ive had this problem before where i’ll be looking at wiki or forums and think thats my next life, then i’ll read something else and it will put me off the build or another one sounds better :)

Ofc that isnt too bad and im sure others do it but it may go a step further and you could collect some gear for a certain build then change your mind and that time or mats for crafting has gone to waste

I had leveled my new 1st life bard to 20, was planning to get some GS, maybe some epic stuff then get my tokens and TR into Bard again with a different class split, i put my arty on to look in banks and though its a shame im not using this guy, he has a few PL’s some good gear and hes just sitting here, so that got me thinking, if i TR the bard the arty will most likely continue to sit there but if i TR the arty, while i level him i can still try and get gear for the bard, plus the bard is gonna want some destinys.

I want the arty to try something different, something ive not tried is a caster druid, now this guy is my WF guy but for druid and the shapeshifting i dont the there is much point in WF, so cant use my blue drag docent :( but for now im not concerned with that as i have a plan i need to execute first :)

He has a Sorc PL and Wiz PL, i will use the LR20 to go from arty to sorc, then TR to sorc so after i get him back to 20 and tr to druid will have 3sorc 1wiz PL should be nice for the druid spells

Now that was my thinking Yday, who knows maybe it will be different tomorrow :P

Thanks for reading

oh and sorry if you cant understand what im going on about, as you can see im not a great writer and just type what pops into my head, hopefully it makes some sense :)